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Frequently there is confusion about the variations between defamation, libel and slander. Normally, courts deal with defamation on the internet similarly to defamation in “the real world”. But there are differences which should be understood when the untrue statements are put online.

Defamation: An unprivileged and untrue statement which can harm the reputation of an individual or company. This is a general term for both slander and libel.

Libel: Defamation which is put down in words, for example on a web site. Most internet defamation takes place through libel by writing on a web page, article, bulletin board forum, review, recommendation or blog post.

Slander: This is defamation that is voiced, such as through a video, a podcast or even an audio file.

Online slander, libel or defamation is a very grave business. If you have been defamed on the internet, you need to recognise your options and ensure your initial step is the correct one. There are many ways to deal with this problem. As an internet defamation lawyer, I am not often able to tell a potential client what they can do out of the gate. You have to investigate the matter and discover all of the small details.